2 Weeks Before 1st of Month

Your Discount Offer must be loaded to the discount program through your Abenity Vendor Admin prior to the email send date.

Image: One (1) 1208px wide x 744px tall banner. The banner should be a simple photographic image with the vendor logo.  No copy or call to action should be included on the banner, as that will be added separately through the email template. Please note - this image will be scaled down to 280px wide x 168px tall for desktop email clients.

Offer Title: Offer title must be 60 characters or less. Titles should clearly state the discount / value being offered to Abenity members, including percent or dollars off purchase price if applicable. 

Landing Page URL: The “View Offer” button will link to the vendor's offer inside the Abenity Discount Program.

Terms & Conditions: Additional terms & conditions may be referenced and included in the email footer.

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